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Two books by
reviewer Gerald Berkowitz


From O'Neill to Mamet, the story of America's great Literature of the Theatre
For all practical purposes, twentieth-century American drama is the
American drama, and the evolution of the genre is a fascinating reflection of American culture and concerns. This authoritative and readable survey gives shape to the arc of American drama, showing how it came to find its natural voice in realistic domestic melodrama, a mode rich and flexible enough to nourish writers as diverse as Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee, Sam Shepard, David Mamet and many others.

An excellent introduction to a rich body of literature, perfect for the student or theatre-lover..

Longman 1992 ISBN 0-582-01601-0 (paperback)



How America Developed a Truly National Theatre
As late as 1950 the terms "American Theatre" and "Broadway" were virtually synonymous, but today almost every American lives within driving distance of a professional theatre. In 1950 American theatre was a purely commercial enterprise, but today the majority of producing theatres are subsidised, noncommercial operations. How and when this change happened, who led it, and what discoveries (and errors) were made along the way, are the subjects of this highly readable narrative.

Drawing on a lifetime's experience and on interviews with key players from Off-Broadway's Ted Mann to regional theatre veteran Jon Jory, the author covers the story from the appearance of Off- and off Off-Broadway, through the phenomenally rapid growth of regional theatre and the role of the Ford Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, to the new place for Broadway in the American theatre and the prospects for the future.

"An Outstanding Book of the Year . . . Highly Recommended" - Choice

"The most complete guide yet compiled" - American Theatre

Applause 1997 ISBN 1-55783-257-9 (hardback)

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