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seven methods of killing kylie jenner
Royal Court Theatre   Summer 2021

Cleo (Leanne Henlon) is seriously annoyed in the play seven methods of killing kylie jenner by Jasmine Lee- Jones.

The business magazine Forbes has declared Kylie Jenner the youngest self made billionaire, something Cleo's tweet gently mocks with ‘YT woman born into rich American family, somehow against all odds, manages to get more rich.’

Subsequent tweets quickly escalate to imagining different ways Kylie should die. (poison, shooting, drowning etc.)

Fuelling her rage is a tutor who complained her essay on slavery only gave one side to the subject and her boyfriend dumping her for a white girl.

She says to her friend Kara (Tia Bannon), a self identified queer, that she is angry at white people appropriating black culture. She also admits to suffering from ‘dick withdrawal symptoms.’

The play switches between the twitter storm she provokes and her bedroom discussions with Kara, who thinks Cleo is being a reckless ‘little Miss Woke Queen.’ These discussions become more heated when someone on twitter resurrects Cleo’s homophobic tweets of several years earlier.

This is an entertaining play despite the deliberate distortions of the voices speaking the tweets making some of those bits difficult to hear. The dialogue is fast and funny, the characters believable and the light political tilt catches something of the peculiar online culture wars of recent years.

Keith McKenna

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Review of  seven methods of killing kylie jenner - Royal Court Theatre 2021
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